List of 25 advantages.

    What people are looking for in a handheld product

  1. Common functions everyone needs, presently done on paper with pen or pencil
  2. User friendly - on-line help and prompted data entry makes it easy to use
  3. System key names that are understandable and non-redundant. One way to do things reduces key count to a clear decisive minimum
  4. Vertical orientation for easy eye movement
  5. Controls many types of dumb slave devices
  6. One finger alphanumeric character entry keypad
  7. Powerful electronic hardware that responds instantaneously to the fast user
  8. Ability to store money electronically in a way that cannot be lost
  9. Unlimited memory size, use of inexpensive reliable storage media
  10. Company wide co-agenda functions coordinates activities of workforce
  11. Self-indexing: your memory tells you analytically what is in it
  12. Can input prompted entry formats for any professional use
  13. Folded menu structure reduced display size to reduce cost of unit
  14. Versatility to add categories and add new memory functions
  15. Whatever message someone sent you over the wireless, you will get it
  16. This reliable device never loses the user's memory
  17. Individual can retain records of expenses for tax deduction, reimbursement, or analysis
  18. No unwarranted people can ever look into the member's memory
  19. Durable thing that does not break, even when you abuse it
  20. Keeps all kinds of personal reminder memos
  21. Radio access to data stored, indexing information reposing in reposing in remote databases
  22. Goes with you everywhere, even under water (Some units, not all)
  23. Secret code concealments for sensitive personal information
  24. Maintains time records for workers in an enterprise
  25. Acts as a telephone for verbal communications and bank voice verification