Gendex will be the number one assist for all companies who wish to help people share rides, cars, houses, and offices. There could be many other connections which Gendex organizers would facilitate for people who use cooperative services.

As with all cooperatives, the informal network of indexers is an operation determined to provide material goods and services at the highest level and most economical means to their members.

The Network of Indexers is all about reducing the number of hours that everyone needs to work in order to pull their share of the weight. These are some of its functions:

1/ Buy, sell and trade, liquidate, donate and store; conserving supplies and resources, opening new possibilites for persons offering professional services or seeking jobs. The Network of Indexers will enable full universal listing of reusables, sellable, and every professional service. The Network of Indexers refers to stores, sources of individual items; and will act as a path to many objectively classifyable websites.

2/ Ridecall - Rideshare, maximizes use of single cars and saves on highway constructions

3/ Career and self-maintenence educational information indexing, recordings of best teachings and best lessons
. Job Seeking Professionals seeking handy access to all interested employers, need worldwide all encompassing network with free registration.

4/ Public Agenda, finding events that are listed free of charge.

5/ Voting Systems for getting the right of decision closer to the people, providing instant, accurate results that are 100% recountable

6/ Complete ongoing geneological records


MONEY: Private money issuances
MONEY: Private stock issuances
MONEY: Jobs Registries
MONEY: Buy, sell, trade, liquidate, store, and donate functions
MONEY: Buy, sell, trade, liquidate, store Indexers
MONEY: Professional Work Hours Exchange
AGENDA: Public Events Posting
AGENDA: Labor Timelogs

PEOPLE: Public person data (voluntary only)
PEOPLE: Passenger lists
MEDIA (NOTES, in change): Pharmacological and Neutraceutical delivery
MEDIA (NOTES, in change): Data Entry FORMATS library

the following are only for USC-Currency regions and communities:
AGENDA: Event Promoters
WORK MOTIVATORS: Calls for labor, calls for labor motivators
PRINCIPALS: Neighborhood Safety
APPRECIATORS: Objectives, Persons, and Item valuations

MONEY: Money sent to and from, via Banque Gende
MONEY: Billings
AGENDA: Co Agenda
PEOPLE: Ride Share
PEOPLE: Room Share
PEOPLE: Office Share
PEOPLE: Maximum attraction types -Lifebond Matching

MONEY: My Banque Gende records
MONEY: Conventional bank accounts management
MONEY: Personal expenses
AGENDA: Overview Monthly Calendar
AGENDA: Personal Schedule
PEOPLE: Personal phone lists
PEOPLE: Personal Specific people Lists
MEDIA (NOTES, in change): Personal Memos of 9 kinds

MEDIA (NOTES, in change): Television
Memory Upload secure unviolatable personal memory storage

MONEY: Requests for access to private information
MONEY: Post a complaint about Banque Gende

MONEY: Requests for transaction verification
AGENDA: Objective Schedule Analysts (Mayan Calendar)
PEOPLE: Privacy restoration orders
MEDIA (NOTES, in change): Internet access
MEDIA (NOTES, in change): telephone, and internet telephony
PROBE: Video Systems remote control
SYSTEM: Home alarm and home lighting controls

AGENDA: Executive, Managerial, Professional Time Logs
AGENDA: Truck Driver's Time Logs
AGENDA: Community Chat
about issues
PEOPLE: Voting on authorization, representation and issues
PEOPLE: Contact Manager for Selling work
MEDIA: Data entry logs in preprogrammed FORMATS

Computer network functions reaching into electronic personal memory organizers is what will enable everyone to have what they need and want, while working far fewer hours for them.


FREE: Public Events Listing
PAID: Rideshare, roomshare, office share
FREE: Public Person Data
PAID: Buy, Sell, Trade
FREE: Voting Systems
PAID: Pharmacy Network

The name for this type of organization, dating back from a long time ago, is "Quomashmercom". Free activities are paid for by GENDEX BANK.

Bank helps users, members, customers and others to collect money, and in general, conserve labor, time and productivity.

Not Bank helps people get things free as it is a material bank cooperative. In the Network of Cooperatives, items which are sold or otherwise value transfered pay a small transaction fee to Gendex Bank, and involves virtual guarantees. The transaction fees collected by Gendex Bank fund every free activity in the Network of Cooperatives.