Getting shares in our Industrial Cooperative is based on this
Standard Agreement

Information about how to become a shareholder.

In the unlimited form of industrial cooperative, an infinitely expandable amount of shares for long term goals with initially unforeseeable completion milestones., the qualitative growth of an individual's total investment are marked by accumulations of company stock bought in ratio of shares in proportion to diminution of risk. In an industrial cooperative founded to create new products, any amount of shares earned in investing or participating can be traded at their cash value for our products, after the company enters mass production.

This agreement is designed for Founders who would want their company to last thousands of years, and are willing to make the necessary arrangements to regenerate the company.
In order to insure the positive result of success for our shareholders,we have organized in a special way, with new higher standards.

Here are ten principals to an international industrial cooperative:
1/ Workers are paid for what they do.
2/ There are three types of shares, Investors who trust the company with money are issued preferred shares. Contributors of ideas or things other than money, including hours worked, are compensated with common shares. A third class of shares, called bonus shares, are issued for extra big efforts. These are the relative conditions of share continuance: Preferred, given for money invested.
3/ An executive or assistant executive, who is leading a team to some result, can be passed up by a rising supercessor who is better, and this is done by a vote of the team that is led by him.
4/ The chairman is appointed by the president to look out for the needs of all our investors. The chairman holds frequent meetings of all involved parties, to decide compensation, new product decisions, communication artwork selection, and other things involving our joint and wholehearted consent. It is a modified democracy, with a graduated scale of more votes for more shares, and higher rank as a company employee. The justice about the quantity, pro or con, for any issuance of shares can be evaluated and reestablished by the assembly of the chairman.
5/ The company intends to stay the leader in its field, so advancement of technology is king. The company is ready to embrace applicable new technologies in order to constantly improve its processes, products and services.
6/ If it was ruined by bad management, then the Shareholders have a right to pick up the pieces and bring it back to life.
7/ The company is not obnoxious in its expression of image. The shareholders of the company are entitled to pass value judgement, and have veto power in determining which advertisements to play, and which to kill, in their best felt representation of what the company is.
8/ Our ears are always open to hear new ideas, also to find out about our failings. We will bring in the good ideas and see that their inventors are rightly compensated.
9/ The company seeks to improve the environment, reuse waste and detoxify poisons, and foster and preserve useful species.
10/ In his big aims, the President leads the whole professional group. His term is indefinite; he can be removed by the chairman and the assembly.


The purpose of this agreement is to enable exchange of something for shares of stock in dynamic enterprise. Any combination of investments are accumulated as the participant shares in the work. As investments of any sort are made, the investors are issued share warrants. All issued shares pay dividends.
Until our company is able to fund itself by product production, these shares may not be offered for public sale. Upon receipt of investment, or completion of assignment, a temporary stock warrant is issued. The official stock certificates will be issued after the company is earning money or trading on a public exchange.
Ownership of shares in this industrial cooperative enables every shareholder to share equitably in its dividends, with subsequent cash disbursements obtained from sales of products. To share equitably is held to mean, that the share of total proceeds given to anyone shall be proportionate to their investments in the company.
There are TWO types of shares, PREFERRED and COMMON. Preferred shares result from investment of capital, and automatically multiply in value at all share splits, no matter what the continued participation of the investor was. Common share participants are rewarded with the multiplication of stock split at the initial public offering in accordance to the degree they have kept working, and even suppressed the urge to rebel. Shares transferred by a participant multiply in value mainly in relation to the status of the participant who transferred them.

All investors will have opportunity to cash out when the stock is publicly traded. Every share of the industrial cooperative participants is dividend paying, on profits made, paid without unreasonable delay. Dividends will be paid to all after money is being made by sales of our product or services.

As the startup phase proceeds, the best of the key participants continue to invest, so they amass shares as marked by warrants. The Issuer will keep records of every contribution large or small. Participant may request to have all warrants consolidated. A list of all investments and contributions is maintained by the Issuer, and can be obtained on request. Copies may be exchanged at reasonable cost. In the pre-selffunding phase of our enterprise, shares may only be tradeable through the Issuer.

Participants share equitably in all dividends paid by the company. Opportunity to accumulate stock is now, and offers to buy your stock from you will come in the future, so long as we participants work to make the company grow in value.

The principal Founders acknowledge their responsibilities to all investors and participants, that if the enterprise is completable it will be completed, and they have the responsibility to carry on, in the right direction. If this thing is do-able, The Founders will persist in developing this endeavor through to its profitable fruition, no matter how long it takes or how difficult it is; that is, unless it leads to something better, from which can be paid proper credit to those who have helped our enterprise.
The Founders must acknowledge their responsibility to let the most experienced and clear headed people guide the aims and efforts of the company. The Founders will make whatever changes are necessary to advance this product, without deviating technical efforts into the realms of the unreachable. They will labor to advance our product toward the ideal. The Founder will not dominate the company he founds, rather will stay to working at what he does best, whilst enabling other divisions to acquire proper executives.
The Founders will not spend company money on irrelevant equipment or services or things. The Founders will not squander resources invested in our enterprise by amassing useless materials, but will use invested resources effectively for the greatest possible gain. Whatever money or other invested material the Founders use for themselves, shall only be so that they can continue working toward our eventual goal.
If a Founder raises money for a given purpose, they are required to use it for that purpose, or to go back to the investor for permission to use it for something other that what it was invested for. The Founder and the Issuer are required to account precisely for how the money was used.

The Well-Founded COMPANY will endeavor to periodically mail out a newsletter to all investors, active or inactive, to inform them of our progress.

Unless it be discovered that this whole idea was MAD, then the Founders and the Issuer will persist until success is obtained, in order to return major capital to the early investors. No other outcome than success is viable: the company will persist in development of its product or services until the business succeeds.

In the final assembly of shareholders upon the attainment of business profitability, every individual investment shall be recounted, before the numerical legal formal stock certificates are awarded.
The Founder proposes penalties but the assembly can overturn them. All penalties can also be appealed before the body of the workers assembly.

All the reasons considered in the process of issuing common and preferred shares to participants must be open and public, and debate is not limited to the Issuer himself. Issuers, or recognizers, are at the assembly to present recommendations for bonuses.

All share issuances shall be disputable before impartial authority. Industrial cooperatives of the future will submit to Courts of Issuance Law that will oversee the equity partnerships, to reassess the quantity of shares based on true value of contributions.

The Founder and the Issuer themselves only get as many shares on efforts they have made. All reasons for share issuance must be publicly disclosed. Any massive, unjustifiable stock share issuance from the company management toward their close friends or relations can be rolled back by the voters of the Assembly.


If something happens to the principal Founder, or if the company is not successful because of some planning or personnel flaw, a majority of Shareholders may vote in assembly, to launch an initiative to oust bad management and reorganize. The Shareholders also have the right to fire "executives" who take outrageous salaries, or managers who indulge in willful ignorance of changing conditions- this is done by a simple majority vote of the Assembly, which can also suspend wages and of the vain "executive".
The Issuer will see to it that all former workers and participants receive equitable compensations for their efforts. In addition, the Primary Creative Developer may reclaim eternal right of ownership on any part of what he originally started to develop, once the Issuing entity, manufacturer or publisher, is no longer able to reproduce it to suit market demand and provide originator royalties.

Predetermination of Share Awards for Attainment of an Objective
Selected people who meet the Founder are sometimes offered the opportunity to participate and earn equity shares in the company. Those talented in a way that the company can use, will be able to contribute work. Participating professionals, managers, laborers, executives as well as companies who provide necessary tools, components, material or services come in as minority investors. Participants may accrue company equity in any combination of the following ways:

Type I: Hard Capital Investment:
Any money invested by anyone will make this venture come to fruition sooner, therefore the company gladly accepts all help from any cash investors. Investor entrusts money to the management of the company as an investment. Time-contributors who spend their own money in the course of company building are also entitled to this type of equity credit. The earlier they put in their money, the greater was the risk, therefore, the more the investment is valued. Invest in no situation, unless the Founder is wise and the venture is potentially very profitable.

INVESTOR will be investing $_______ in exchange for ________ preferred shares.


Type II: Investment of Time:
In general, this type of investment is only valid for the primary Founders who charge a modest rate as they work day after day to actualize a long term goal. Founders have the privilege of working long term for shares, and as such would take modest hourly rates. A Founder of the executive level could justifiably earn four times the hourly rate of one who does simple unskilled repetitive labor that could be done by anyone.
Initially, a participant may represent that their contribution of time will be worth a certain share rate; yet their performance may not match up to their boast of capability. Anything scored for hours must be validated by completions. Therefore, in the case of these overrated time contributions, the Issuer may readjust the shares issued to equal shares actually earned, out of obligation to the other participants. Any dispute arising from this clause will be subject to the will of the company assembly to be resolved.
At the top of the professional help scale is "wizard" level, and those who rate max are organized dependable and reliable. Issuers do not hesitate to reward professionals with high shares-per-hour rates if that is what they have earned. Experts and geniuses, who provide the technical basis for the company, or directly obtain the cash required for start up capitalization, can draw up to 2.5 times the rate drawn by an executive Founder.

FOUNDER is spending time on programs to achieve the following objective:

In validation of this agreement, PARTICIPANT will accomplish ______________________________ before ____________________. The estimated professional hourly rate, for
time in achieving this objective is _______ per hour.

Participant agree to send the following generated material to the

____________(executive):________________________as it is developed.

Type III: Creative Contributions:
If anyone contributes an idea of massive significance which results in financial income for the company, they will at this phase, be issued a stock bonus. When an inventor contributes an idea which greatly enhances the product, the company is obliged to reward him with equity or cash, amount depending on importance of the contributed ideas. The original issuance remitted to an ideas participant may be enlarged or reduced by the Issuer or the assembly, relative to the value of all ideas in the final outcome.


In exchange for the following quantity of shares, the IDEA CONTRIBUTOR agrees to allow the company to use his idea, stated below.

Valued at $_________________ , Idea contributor is providing the following idea:

Type IV: Finder Fees, Recruitment Bonuses:
Given when a participant introduces someone to the venture who subsequently participates and contributes significantly. The Unifier can earn shares by introducing an idea to an entrepreneur who becomes a Founder. Unifiers get up to 20% on an important transaction of bringing together Founders, in which full introduction, strategy and sale is necessary. Participants who introduce other key participants are given 2% stock of that which was earned by the party they introduced. In cases where the introducer is also the manager or a professional recruiter, 4% on top of the shares accumulated by the person they recruited is given to this introducer. For actively selling this as an investment, the amount is 6% of that which is added by the new investor. This percentage can be more only if a broker is selling shares privately to customers at a price higher than he buys them at. The rate is 8% for prepared selling, and 10% for active widespread search. The rate is 1% for indirect meetings such as can be caused by widespread publicity, like a news article can generate.


This agreement enables THE COMPANY to make use of this introduction of

_________________________________, for _____% on top of the value invested or invested or contributed by this participant contact.


Type V: Valued Job or Service:
The investor has some material, professional service or product useful for the objectives of the corporation. It is traded for stock par value.

This agreement enables THE COMPANY to make use of this service
____________________________ provided by the participant,

valued at $___________ converted to ________shares.


Type VI: Shares Transferred by a Founder:
Any of the Founders who have invested time or materials can transfer shares to someone else thru the Issuer. It is through this special warrant that shares can be transferred before the stock is publicly traded.


FROM _____________________________
participant shall receive the following shares__________________


Type VII: Bonus shares:
Issued for completing a task early, or other effort beneficial to the company, are granted for a fixed amount to be purchased later, with a low cost per share. Bonus shares may not be subject to stock splits. The company may elect to give TYPE VII Bonus Shares to the Issuer.


For achieving the following extra objective, or making the following effort:____________________________________________
If specified effort is made, extra shares in the quantity of ________________ bonus shares of stock can be obtained any time for __________ per share.


Type VIII: Investment of Valued Item or Machine:
Participant invests a piece of equipment in the company, and the company shares stock in amounts equal to the value of equipment. The company owns the equipment once it has paid the equivalent cash value of the object as dividends to the participant.

This agreement enables THE COMPANY to make use of_______________belonging to INVESTOR/PARTICIPANT, This

item is identified by: ________

valued at $___________ converted to ________shares.

Type IX: Investment of Information:
Participant gives to Founder a valuable piece of information, though not as valuable as one he had created himself (TYPE III), and the company shares stock in amounts equal to the value of information. In this deal, the participant only gets shares if the information has value.


This agreement enables THE COMPANY to make use of_____________ORIGINATED BY INVESTOR/PARTICIPANT,

IDEA is ________________

valued at $_______ converted to _____________shares.



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