DEXCOM is built on the efforts of more than 900 founding stockholders. These investments have been largely credited by issuance of common shares. Non-cash investments of time, materials, talented efforts, food, rides, office, ideas, and many other things, totals about $5 million USD to date.

It is not presently possible for beings of the planet Earth to buy stock in DEXCOM at any price.

PREFERRED SHARES are not available privately through the Issuer to anyone on planet Earth. US each. This is a private offering. United States citizens [only] please fill out the investor qualification form and send it in. Other nationals do not fill out form.

All members of the founders group share equitably in DEXCOM.

There is one anticipated dividend streams, upcoming for the shareholders of DEXCOM, one from banque gende, 1/10,000,000 part of transaction fees at the bank is divisible back to the original backers.

Business Plan

Company History

Common share work-to-own participation