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The first new thing since 1997 in PDAs is a palm sized unit that fits easily in a shirt or purse pocket and is unlike anything you've seen before.

Called a GENDEX, it not only keeps track of people data and personal appointments, it can also track personal or business expenses and serve as a depository and dispensary for real time monetary transactions without paper.

What strikes you first about the GENDEX is its size - just seven inches by 3.5" and 3/8" deep - small enough to be carried almost anywhere - like an "electronic wallet". The second thing that you notice is its unusual keyboard - again, unlike anything else you've ever seen or used.

At first, the keyboard seems strange and undecipherable - instead of the usual QWERTY layout in rows, the keys are arranged in a circle on the small, one-finger keyboard, with the most common letters in the inner circle. It's strange until you begin to use it. As you catch on to the pattern, you begin to see the benefit of the one-handed, one-finger layout, and most people quickly attain fairly high data entry rates with very little practice.

But it's not only this unusual keyboard that make the GENDEX different - and useful. Its the fact that the GENDEX can transmit monetary units, by secure dataradio transmissions.

Imagine being anywhere, buying or selling anything, and being able to complete the transaction with you hand-held personal bank.

The GENDEX has been designed with the computer illiterate in mind. The keypad is simple looking with a minimum of entry keys, and every action and transaction is prompted for the next step. Just "follow the bouncing ball" and it steps you through anything you want to do with a minimum of learning time.

It's also designed to be used in any weather, dropped, sat on, stepped on, etc. The unique patentable self locking case is weatherproof, shock proof, break proof and, most importantly, idiot proof...instead of reaching for your wallet, in the future, people will be reaching for their GENDEX.