We have created Logical Prototype of the Gendex Personal Organizer so that you may get a preview of how the device will work. Click the button to launch the Gendex Logical Prototype. Please be patient, the applet may take several minutes to load. Note that if you have an older version, you may get an error message or just end up with an empty gray box. If the applet doesn't seem to respond, try keying HELP.

If it does not start easily in your computer, and, you should be using at least a 130 Mhz machine, then direct the mouse arrow to press the HELP key. Then, click on each of the 4 main memory functions, AGENDA, MONEY, PEOPLE and NOTES. After that it should run very smoothly. Go thru each memory function with ENTER, FIND INDEX and SYSTEM. See the different HELP functions for each. Then you will understand the unit. You can spend hours, even days, before you get thru each and every function we have in it.

TROUBLESHOOTING: If you get a "Java Error" or only a grey outline appears, your browser may have Java turned off, or you may have an older version of your browser. The self-animating prototype is best viewed with Internet Explorer 4.01 or later on the Macintosh, and either Netscape 4.05 or Internet Explorer 4.0 on Windows.


All` rights reserved. Product evolutionary proof is in our possession. Every part of Gendex electronic personal memory organizer is the purely self-created invention of DEXCOM, its founders, and shareholders who supported the founders. Any logical sequences copied mostly or partly from Gendex logic and transferred for use in any other organizer product without the explicit permission of DEXCOM will be considered a violation of our sovereign rights, which is protected by more power than Smith and Wesson ever had. Cooperative lisences are available to capable manufacturers.